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About Us


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A new home for innovation and research in the heart of Silicon Valley 

Berkeley Space Center builds on and advances the University’s three-part mission of education, research and public service, while taking advantage of the campus’s academic excellence and leadership in emerging fields of inquiry and exploration. Berkeley Space Center is a 36-acre innovation hub where academia, private industry and government come together to identify, incubate and launch tomorrow’s technological breakthroughs. This development will expand the Bay Area’s innovation ecosystem – from aeronautics and quantum computing to climate studies and the social sciences. Berkeley Space Center will further the University of California’s vision to accelerate the translation of research discoveries into goods and services that benefit our community, the state and the world.

Innovation is dependent on creative ideas and problem solving, paired with an eye to the future. Meet the Berkeley Space Center team and learn more about how they are helping to create this unique opportunity for our campus.

Berkeley Space Center is guided by a comprehensive governance foundation that lays out principal responsibilities and a structure for considering major decisions and for breaking any deadlock.

Our Berkeley Space Center FAQs page has a long list of questions. Don’t see your question? Drop us a line to learn more about this innovative space!

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