The Project

The Project


Background image: Aerial rending of Central Green w/Trellis
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Photo by Field Operations and HOK, copyright Moffett Partners, LLC.

Propelling human knowledge forward, to transform industries and better the world

Over the last decade, academic incubators have become more prevalent around the country. Moffett Field provides a unique opportunity to build off the academic incubator movement by leveraging the resources and talent of UC Berkeley, NASA and private industry in a large-scale development in the heart of Silicon Valley. Berkeley Space Center will be attractive to high-profile, cutting-edge companies and entrepreneurs seeking collaboration and opportunities to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research.

The development will be anchored by public and private research facilities, new academic programs, housing, and retail that forge and support connections between students, faculty, industry partners and NASA.

Over the last four years, the campus has worked quickly and earnestly to assess the opportunity at Moffett Field and to lay the foundation for its realization and success.

NASA and the UC Regents entered into a Space Act Agreement in the fall of 2022, to establish collaborative activities in STEM initiatives spanning science, engineering, technology development, computer science and policy.

The University of California and SKS formed a joint venture (JV) to help the campus fully realize the vision at Moffett Field.