Research Clusters

Updates on the upcoming workshops will be posted on this page soon. In addition, several clusters are in formation; the corresponding material will posted soon. These include:

  • Exobiology

  • Remote Sensing 

  • Remote Sensing and Earth Sciences Applications

  • Space Biology

  • Astronomy and Astrophysics

  • Sustainable Operations under Resource Constraints

  • Resiliency in Extreme Environments

  • Autonomy and Connected Mobility

During the growth phase of Berkeley Space Center, programmatic activities will be organized around clusters. A cluster is a scientific or technical theme to guide the research activities of a group of Moffett stakeholders, which can include:

  • UC Berkeley faculty, staff and students with joint interest around that theme.
  • An identified group of NASA researchers interested in the same theme.
  • Some private sector company participants interested in R&D activities on that theme.

It is envisioned that clusters with close thematic relation to or outright joint-operation with NASA (and more generally Moffett Field stakeholders such as USGS or Google) will be the basis for the development of Berkeley Space Center. Private sector companies interested in tenancy at Moffett can leverage the clusters to grow local activities at Berkeley Space Center, benefiting from the co-location of their staff with UC Berkeley faculty, staff and students, and the NASA R&D community.

In the past 18 months, teams have consolidated around several clusters, listed below. The aviation cluster is planning to organize a workshop in Spring 2024 to bring together the academic community, interested members of the private sector, NASA and other Moffett Field stakeholders.